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Verified assholes

Published: at 12:49 PM

If it would be possible to compare, I’d like to know if the daily garbage created online already exceeded the daily physical garbage.

In the past, in a not-so-distant period, usually, content was created by authorities. Professors, senior professionals, sometimes great master’s degree or Ph.D. students, and rarely by people guessing. In the majority, these contents were distributed in the form of books, lectures, papers, and fewer posts.

To not be so abstract, some authority content creators that I’m talking about:

The bad part was that those contents were hard to access, but even hard when you got introduced the reading experience was delightful, beyond the knowledge that has persisted for decades.

Nowadays, sadly, the process has changed in favor of individualism, in a temptation to benefit from the capitalist system.

The rule is to create content as much as you can, don’t care if is naive, repeated, poor, and even wrong… just do like an asshole. If the number of followers or sells are increasing the objective was achieved.

Having his audience. Now they are armored to post bullshit and not be confronted often about his garbage.

I’m not the kind harmed by those. But the newbies are not getting access to the good contents, because the garbage storm is blinding them. Truly I don’t care, but is sad to see our field coming to this.

I shouldn’t need to say, but of course, there are great new content creators out there. Unfortunately, the annoying ones have been obfuscating them.

My advice for the distracted:
Good people who make a real difference only appear a little, and their content isn’t easy to find.